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Some examples of our projects and the results include:

Lack of a strategic plan related to product development, delivery, program launch and discontinuation
Led a cross-functional team that assessed the university, the market and the opportunities. Created a comprehensive strategic plan including program prioritization to drive growth
Significant growth from the strategic plan in programs and a totally new online division. The university tripled in enrollment. 
Declining student enrollment and increased competition‚Äč
Conducted market analysis and recognized an opportunity to reach new students.  After an online readiness assessment launched online programs
Increased enrollments with expanded access and market reach through online programs
Desire to launch new competency based programs
Extensive market analysis identified opportunities for several new competency based programs to better serve students and employers; ensured appropriate infrastructure was in place to support the launch of these new programs
Launched several new CBE programs resulting in significant new growth (double digit) to the college
Regional accreditation (HLC) - upcoming reaffirmation and a desire to add graduate programs, no existing approval or ability to offer online courses/programs
Audited existing programs and curriculum. Implemented assessment and other policies/processes, revisited structures and committees to oversee various initiatives through the administration and faculty
Successful approval to launch online programs and a successful 10 year regional reaffirmation. Introduced six new academic degree programs resulting in significant growth
Regional accreditation (SACS) - desire to expand into graduate programs and transition from a college to a university; also upcoming reaffirmation visit
Helped define graduate culture and put in place infrastructure for graduate programs (staff, resources, programs, policies, etc.). Developed first Masters program.  Completed a comprehensive analysis of all accreditation criteria and implemented action plans to fulfill all criteria for reaffirmation
Received approval for the college's first graduate program and successfully launched it. Enabled transition from a college to university and later had an exceptionally successful 10-year reaffirmation visit as a university
Lack of student engagement and poor student attendance
Conducted retention audit and then created a university-wide retention team to focus on and improve student touch points; Prompted other initiatives related to customer service, enrollment management, academic advising, scheduling; Put in place processes to measure student outcomes, experience and satisfaction. Program executed by administration, faculty and staff including marketing, admissions, student services, financial aid, and career services
Student engagement and satisfaction improved including retention improvements of over 20% during a 4-year period 
‚ÄčAcademic program offerings lacking currency and relevancy - not meeting employer and market needs
Audited existing programs; Determined areas of opportunity and prioritization which led to redeveloping programs to meet external market needs, phasing out several programs and the development of several new academic offerings
Growth in student enrollment along with more efficient operational delivery and greater employer satisfaction with the quality of graduates
Ineffective academic advising approach
Conducted an advising audit, gathered extensive data regarding student success and the student experience.  Put in place new processes, trained faculty and advising staff on proactive approaches to student advising and development
Enhanced student persistence, satisfaction and improvement in related university services
Inconsistency in a multi-campus and online organization; Desire to move from national to regional accreditation which made it even more critical to operate as a single organization
Created a vision to have a unified system that operated as a single organization. Mobilized administration, faculty and staff to build standardized processes, programs and policies to achieve alignment
Achieved successful alignment and consistency resulting in accreditation success; Also increased student satisfaction, retention, faculty success, more efficient operations and double digit improvement in key operational metrics
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